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Access To Shizuoka

Shizuoka lies half-way between Tokyo and Nagoya, just a quick one hour trip on the famous Shinkansen ‘bullet’ train.

We are easy to get to and well worth the visit.

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  Shizuoka Free Guide offers free guided tours to overseas visitors in and around Shizuoka city. 

  Shizuoka is only a one-hour ride on the Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo, and is on the way to Kyoto! 

  After a breathtaking train ride with a view of Mt.Fuji, the spectacular landscapes, historical spots, fresh local dishes, memories and us- ‘Your Friend in Shizuoka”- are waiting for you. 


We will take you to look around at your request for free of charge. We are ready to show you our favorite places, foods, events and daily lives of ordinary Japanese people in Shizuoka.

Check this out !