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At your request we will take you to look around free of charge! 

We are ready to show you our favorite places, share our favorite food, attend special events and introduce you to the daily lives of ordinary Japanese people in Shizuoka. 

Our volunteer guides speak English, are full of energy and heart-warming hospitality, and have the cultural insights that will make your trip to Shizuoka and Japan a memorable and rewarding experience.

If you wish to have a tour with a volunteer guide, book now. We look forward to meeting you in Shizuoka soon!

About Shizuoka


Shizuoka is very famous for its views of Mt. Fuji, as well as its green tea, which is grown, harvested and roasted to perfection right here in the local area. You can enjoy sipping a delicious cup of green tea while taking in the magnificent view of Japan’s most famous mountain. What could be more relaxing?


If you like fresh seafood, Shizuoka is famous for that too. We have the largest catch of tuna in Japan, as well as small ‘sakura’ shrimp, which are found only in the deep waters around Japan. We make them into a very appetizing kind of tempura. This dish is very popular with us and will be with you too!


If you want to do some shopping, Shizuoka offers many of the same big name department stores and shops found in Tokyo, but without the big crowds and at competitive prices. We also have many small specialty and ‘mom and pop’ type stores offering items from everyday Japanese life.


Please refer to SHIZUOKA GUIDE website to discover the latest information on World Heritage sites, attractions, hotels, events, dining and things to do in Shizuoka.

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