Photos and Messages 2017

Juliane  Stueckmann from Germany (June 6, 2017)

Rie san, speaks a very good English wich makes conversation easy. She was pretty good prepared for the job and gave a lot of information and interesting hinds for every point of our interest. Comfortable was also that she really like to follow our interest, eg. tea ceremony, and she prepared and organized it to our full satisfaction. More over, Rie san has a heartfelt character and a special sense of humour wich makes the tour to an diverting one. She is a real recommendation as volentary tour guide and we would be happy to meet her again fornthe next tour.

Anna Katherine Linhardt from United States (May 21, 2017)

The guide was waiting for me at the meeting spot, and had a printed version of the itinerary ready for me! We began our tour promptly, and she told me many interesting facts about the city! We went to each planned area, the traditional tea ceremony (which was wonderful, and was a perfect cultural experience!) the park (which was beautiful!), the sushi restaurant (delicious!), the temple, and the delicious sweets shop! They were all very beautiful and very fun! Everything was a good price, nothing was too expensive. Bus fair is good, as the route was well planned, and all the food was very reasonable! Sightseeing at the park was free, so I suppose that was the best price! Thank you so much! I am so glad to have had this experience! I am new to the area, and seeing these things have made my stay here much more enjoyable!

Joycelyn Ho from Australia (April 15, 2017)

Chisato was very passionate about Shizuoka and went out of her way to make sure my husband and I had a good time. She took my request into consideration and suggested places and events based on the time of the year and our likes! I love green tea! Shizuoka offers so many varieties such as sweeten instant ones and I tried to the green tea salt, I bought one pack immediately! Chisato brought us to a tea plantation and the owner was so kind to walk us through the process, took us to his farm and even drove us to the bus stop. Shimizu market was clean and offered delicious sashimi and sushi at a very reasonable price. Nanaya's ice cream was delicious too! I like the guardhouse in Sumpu Castle park, the guides were very lovely and knowledgeable about Shizuoka history. It is also near the town centre of Shizuoka and I enjoyed walking around.

Tom & Val Lisgo from United Kingdom (April 21, 2017)

Hello We have returned from our trip to Japan.

We are writing to thank you for providing our guide Mr Masao Nitta san.

Mr Masao was excellent. He helped us enjoy our stay in the area.

We particularly enjoyed our tea experience with Mr Masao san.

We hope that he also enjoyed our company. Mr Masao san is a credit to you and to Japan.

We will recommend your service and Mr. Masao to anyone visiting your beautiful area.

With best wishes,

Tom and Val Lisgo

Joey from U.S.A (April 12 2017)

My family and I visited Japan via a cruise April 2017. Shizuoka was one of the many destinations on the journey our cruise ship would make. Initially, we did not know what to expect. However, upon being put in contact with our guides Chisato-san and Nitta – san, we were greeted with great hospitality and a carefully planned itinerary. Nitta-san took the time to understand our group’s ages and expectations. Our day began with a warm welcome as our guides helped us travel to the city center. From there, we visited Sunpu Castle park (a must see) and Nihondaira Hotel. The view from Nihondaira hotel was beyond picturesque as we saw rolling hills, beautiful greens, and the ocean just beyond. Never in our dreams had we imagined being able to see such a beautiful view, however, we knew this was a view that could only be shared with us by our guides’ careful planning and their knowledge of Shizuoka. At lunch, our family and friends tasted the most delicious Sakura shrimp and Green tea soba. As we traveled throughout the day, Nitta-san and Chisato-san made sure that all of our questions regarding Japan’s history and culture were answered. When our guides heard that we were foodies and wanted to taste the famous Japanese strawberries, they made a quick adjustment and added a quick trip to a local strawberry farm. We feel very fortunate to have been able to have been SFG guests and feel that their service and hospitality can not be matched. Although they are a free tour group, their kindness and professionalism matches and exceeds that of any paid groups we have attended. We highly recommend SFG, and can not wait to visit Japan again in the future.

Jessie from U.S.A (April 9 2017)

My day with Chisato was so much fun! First, we visited Sumpo Castle Park where we were lucky to view the beautiful cherry blossoms. Chisato suggested that we go to the garden and I am so thankful she did! The garden has been grown to represent a miniature representation of the Shizuoka area, and this is definitely a place I will visit again! Then, Chisato took me to a viewing area of the whole city-I would have never have known about it if she didn’t show me! The views were breathtaking! We had lunch at an amazing soba restaurant. I am bad at picking food in foreign countries, but Chisato recommended the cold soba with shrimp tempura and I ate every drop! Delicious! I wanted to take a boat ride so Chisato took me to the S-Pulse Dream Plaza to board a ferry, and we cruised the harbor area to Miho and back. After a chilly boat ride (thanks Chisato for going to the top with me!) we warmed up with some delicious honey lattes at This Is Cafe in the Dream Plaza. Thank you so much for an excellent day in Shizuoka!

Eunice Banaga Chin san From United States (March 20 2017)

The first destination is Nihondaira where you can expect very beautiful and iconic scenery " Mt Fuji and tea farm" I'm sure every foreigners crave to take a shot of this beautiful combination. We are a little bit disappointed not to be able to capture it because of the thick clouds surrounding the mountain. But still it is worth to visit, indeed From the top of Nihondaira, the ropeway connects you to the opposite side called Kunozan area.

Through a window of ropeway , under your foots there is a vast spread of green forests and long stretch of Pacific Ocean. We were overwhelmed the beauty of the scenery . Over a thousand stone steps will lead you to the bottom. You might be stunned to hear the number of steps. So personally I recommend the way we took this time even if it's not official way to go toshogu. Otherwise all the way is just going up.

Until the beginning of May, you can enjoy strawberry picking at the base area of Kuno. There are many arrays of farms and also some eatery spaces. The strawberries were so big and tasty. If dipped in condensed milk , you can savor it even more.

Lan Nguyen san From Australia (Feb 14 2017)

Shizuoka was not on my list of places to visit when I planned my trip to Tokyo but after I saw the ad for Shizuoka Free Guide I changed my mind and decided to go for half a day. 

Yayoi, my guide, was most helpful and attentive. 

She gave me instructions on how to book the ticket from Tokyo. 

The train ride from Tokyo station to Shizuoka only took 60minutes. 

When I got to the station Yayoi was already at the gate waiting for me. 

We went straight to the hill where the famous look out for views of Fuji was located.

 No wonder this place was named one of Japan's top 100 view points. 

The air was fresh, Plum trees were in full bloom and Cherry trees was beginning to open up. 

You couldnt have asked for more. 

After that we went to the port area of Shizuoka for fresh Sashimi lunch. 

After all this area is famous for its fresh food. 

Yayoi then took me back to the station to board the 2.30 train and I was back in Tokyo by 3.30. 

What a day

William Chong san From Australia (Feb 8 2017)

Chisato and Masao are just amazing.

They are both very warm and friendly, we are looking forward to coming back to visit Shizuoka again.

We had such a lovely day at Shizuoka.

It was packed with a lot of sightseeing experience and we get to know more what Shizuoka got to offer.

It was a perfect day for the walk at the garden.

We saw a few cherry blossom trees blooming early and we really enjoyed the tea drinking experience.

The cruise is really fun and we got to buy lots tea and Japanese sweets and snacks.

We are lucky enough to have a good weather and a clear sky to see Mt.Fuji from the cruise ship.

The dock is very pretty too and it is actually pretty cheap.  Love the many teas brought from the shop, good selection and quality.

Love the service, I will recommend it to my friends.  Not many people actually know about Shizuoka so maybe more marketing and advertisements are required.

Gerd K. san From Germany(Stuttgart region) (Jan 28, 2017)


First of all, I had two guides :

1. Yoshina san for Mt. Fuji and

2. Chisato san for Shizuoka city


1. Yoshino san did a very good choice of sight seeing points and managed the location changes as well very fine. The visit of Fuji san Shrine was very remarkable.


2. Chisato san did also a very good preparation on the planning (schedule plan very fine) and execution of the different location sides. Thank you all.